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SeniorDashboard Chat

The link below takes you to our chat room. A chat room provides an opportunity for folks of like interests to interact by typing messages back and forth in real-time.

SeniorDashboard Chat

It is very much like encountering friendly strangers in a waiting area. You might introduce yourself, by first name only, and make a polite comment or inquiry: "My name is Wendy, I'm new to this chat room. I live in Georgia." Another guest might reply, "Oh, I have a daughter in Georgia - she lives in Alpharetta - that was a terrible ice storm last week!" A third user, seeing the conversation, might ask "I'll be coming through Georgia on I-95 on my way to Florida next month. We don't usually stop, but I hear Savannah is interesting - do you have any recommendations for that part of the state?"

In this way, conversations develop.  Because our room is new, you may not find anyone waiting the first time you visit. Also, it is generally easier to begin conversations if the guests are assembled with a certain topic in mind. For this reason, we are posting a topic schedule to help folks find chats that interest them, but please do not feel overly constratined by the topic suggestions. You can go to the chat room at any time with no requirement to participate. Just enjoy the conversations!

Safety is essential in chat rooms. Do not give your full name, or your address. Consider using a nickname. Do not make arrangements to meet someone or invite them to your home. Never give out important personal information. Be wary of scams - if something is too good to be true, it is!

Good manners are also very important.  If you find yourself engrossed in a detailed two-way conversation, please exchange emails and move your conversation to that medium. If you find that a participant behaves rudely, do not argue or escalate the exchange. All participants should disengage from the chat room. Hopefully, when the ill-mannered person finds himself/herself alone in the room, they will learn to behave better in the future.

Thank you - and we hope everyone enjoys the chat room!
If you wish to start a conversation thread that endures over several days, consider the SeniorDashboard Forum.

Please continue to send your suggestions to


EST                 Central            Mountain            PST Topic

  8:00 am            7:00                 6:00               5:00

Early Bird - open chat

  9:00 am            8:00                 7:00               6:00


10:00 am            9:00                 8:00               7:00

Wall Street

11:00 am           10:00                9:00               8:00


12:00 am           11:00              10:00               9:00

Cooks and Gourmands

  1:00 pm           12:00              11:00             10:00

Sports Fans

  2:00 pm            1:00               12:00             11:00

Crafting and Gifts

  3:00 pm            2:00                 1:00             12:00

Healthy Lifestyle

  4:00 pm            3:00                 2:00               1:00


  5:00 pm            4:00                 3:00               2:00

History & Geneology

  6:00 pm            5:00                 4:00               3:00

Nature: Hiking, Camping, Hunting & Fishing

  7:00 pm            6:00                 5:00               4:00


  8:00 pm            7:00                 6:00               5:00

Computer Help & Helpers

  9:00 pm            8:00                 7:00               6:00

New Technology

10:00 pm            9:00                 8:00               7:00


11:00 pm          10:00                 9:00               8:00

Open Chat

12:00 pm          11:00               10:00               9:00

West Coast News Wrap-up

  1:00 am          12:00               11:00              10:00

Night Owl - Open Chat